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As a Green Graphic Designer, I want to provide clients with environmentally-friendly options for printing. A company who uses green printing practices that I highly recommend is GreenerPrinter:
A quality green printer using recycled paper and soy inks.

I also work with local Denver printers that are environmentally-friendly.

Even a better option, I offer email newsletter design and setup - so that you can contact your customers in a most environmentally-friendly way, digitally! No paper wasted, and very low cost to send!

I believe we should try to preserve what we have, to conserve open spaces and wilderness, waste not, and be good to the planet in all ways that we can.

My business goal is to grow into the green market - I want to provide design services to businesses that want to help keep the world a wonderful place to live.

Please contact me if you are interested in graphic design with green in mind: 720.260.3541

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