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Retouching photographs is an art that involves improving existing photographs, or combining different photographs to create a new retouched photograph. Retouching is now done digitally, primarily using the Photoshop program. Image retouching of a photograph often involves removing dust spots or blemishes, adjusting colors and lighting, and improving or removing unwanted elements of the image. The process of improving the quality of a digital image is performed by manipulating the image with software such as Photoshop.

Photograph Restoration: Digital software has made the art of photograph restoration a faster and simpler process, as restoration artists now work on digital images instead of the original photograph, slide or negative. This allows your photograph to be restored to it's original state without altering the original image. Old photos are restored by removing scratches, mildew, water stains, spots, and tears. With digital photo restoration, faded original photographs can have their contrast and color restored or even improved.

Skin retouching is also a common service, where photograph restoration artists improve the color and hue of the skin. Often, skin tones in photographs comes out off, due to poor lighting or backgrounds that affect the color of the skin. With portrait retouching, photo retouchers will remove blemishes, scars and other undesireable skin flaws.

Photo enhancement also involves combining different photographs or elements to create a new visual effect, such as adding different backgrounds to an object. Advanced image enhancement also utilizes filters and photo retouching tools to alter images in various ways. For example, you can take an apple, and put it on a different background such as a mountain backdrop, and then photo retouch both images to match in color, lighting to create a realistic merging of the two.

Please contact IJDesign if you're interested in photo retouching. We are located in Denver, Colorado, call us for photo retouching at: 720.260.3541.


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