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I believe we should try to preserve what we have, to conserve open spaces and wilderness, waste not, and be good to the planet in all ways that we can,

As a Graphic and Website Designer, I want to provide clients with environmentally-friendly options for printing and website hosting. These days, printing can be done minimally, mostly to direct people to your website for more information. As websites are paperless, they have an unlimited capacity for content so you can put a wealth of information, products and services on your website to share with your viewers. Marketing has largely shifted from direct mail to the internet, through social media such as Twitter and Facebook
, and through SEO (Search Engine Marketing), which markets your site through the internet so that your website comes up in the first page of search results when the search terms you research and market are used.

Of course, printing is still important. Companies need business cards to hand out, and a brochure or direct mail can still be very effective, but gone are the days where we need to print hundreds of thousands of brochures and catalogs - these can now be located online, and a postcard or mini-brochure will direct them to it.

A couple of the companies I use for my client projects, and whom I highly recommend are:
A solar-powered website hosting company (hosting this website).
A quality green printer using recycled paper and soy inks.

Green Printers in Denver:
C&D Printing
L&M Pressworks

Please contact me if you are interested in print and website design with green in mind: 720.260.3541

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